This is a film project which I directed, filmed and edited as part of a research project entitled Personhood, with Jayne Wallace, a researcher and digital jeweller based at Newcastle University. Jayne’s work combines bespoke jewellery with digital technology to create unique, meaningful objects, designed specifically for individuals.

In this project, Jayne was working with dementia patients to explore how notions of the self and ‘personhood’ might be maintained, evoked or preserved using digital jewellery objects. Jayne had been working closely with a dementia patient named Gillian and her husband John for a long period of time and the objects Jayne had designed for them reflected their personalities, their relationship and memories which were precious to them.

As part of a Craft Council-sponsored exhibition, the objects Jayne designed for this work were presented in a Craft Cube:

Craft Cube

Craft Cube (2010)


The film was designed to present the objects within this Craft Cube context, but also to exist as a document of the design process which Jayne undertook to produce the objects.

personhoodDuring the course of making the film, we worked closely with John and Gillian to try and allow their voices to direct the course of the narrative and my intention as the filmmaker was to evoke the emotional connection between their relationship and the jewellery objects which had been designed for them. In doing so, I wanted to provide a sensitive contextualisation of Jayne’s research, but also something which was meaningful to the subjects and meaningful to the audience of the exhibition.