Orientation is a short film which was inspired by low-budget/hi-tech films such as Monsters and Primer, as well as 1960s TV show The Prisoner, Luc Besson's Subway and the underground exploration website 28 Days Later. It was made using affordable, 'prosumer' filmmaking equipment - primarily the amazing Canon EOS 5D Mkii.

orientation cctv

orietnation - lift

The film was shot primarily on-location at the disused underground WWII bomb shelter at Ouseburn Culvert, Newcastle upon Tyne. Additional footage, including the interview sequence and the lift sequence were filmed at Culture Lab Newcastle.


Orientation has been designed to be edited using live audio using a tool called Cinejack. Each scene was filmed simultaneously from a number of angles using multiple cameras. Bespoke algorithms interact with event triggers generated from a live musical performance and provide edit points for the story.


orientation tunnel

The version below is a linear edited version which has been cut to a traditional score

password = fire5!