Demonstrated Anatomy

Demonstated Anatomy, a 4½ hour, two-part documentary, was one of the first educational anatomy films of its kind. Working with Newcastle University prosector, Donal Shanahan, we produced a systematic and thorough video document of the anatomy of the human body, from head to toe. Using footage of live dissections of cadaver specimens and bones alongside illustrations and graphics and an explanatory voiceover, it was designed to equip medical students with a thorough knowledge of human anatomy.

demonstrated anatomy dvds

My primary role as editor in this production included compiling the materials, digitizing the footage, making and implementing editorial decisions, producing the subtitles and finalising the production. It required meticulous attention to detail, a great deal of patience and a close working relationship with the medical professionals. In addition to editing the footage, I also authored the DVD and designed and produced the art work (based on Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man) which featured on the cover, discs and throughout the DVD menu structures and promotional materials.
The project took almost a year to complete and is now a regularly feature in medical reading lists all over the world.