I am interested in the convergence of documentary-making and design and configurations of public participation that span this convergence.

I am particularly interested in how people with limited creative training can be supported to participate in collaborative documentary projects about topics that are close to their heart.

As an ongoing research aim, I am interested in developing, through both creative practice and academic discourse, the notion of 'documentary co-design'. Central to this is to develop new forms of 'structural participation'[1] in documentary-making. This means sharing control of a documentary's content, but also its form. Documentary co-design might involve assembling diverse materials into legible artefacts, connecting these artefacts with other people in meaningful ways, and/or providing infrastructure to enable these processes to happen with or without professional involvement.

As a methodological approach, I am interested in the role of digital technologies in supporting these aims, as well as the opportunities presented by (and suggested by) new forms of documentary such as 'i-Docs'.

My PhD is entitled "Overcoming the Filmmaker-Victim Paradigm by Configuring Participation in Polyvocal Interactive Documentaries". It was funded by the AHRC-sponsored Creative Exchange Project and supervised by Professor Peter Wright at Open Lab (formerly Culture Lab), Newcastle University. During my PhD, I was the recipient of several awards, including 2 awards at at EuroITV2013; "Best PhD Award" and the "Grand Challenge Award" for Plentopticon. I also presented work at several international conferences, including CHI2015, CHI2016 and TVX2015.

I am presently employed as a Senior RA at NorSC / NorthLab at Northumbria University. I am working with Professor David Kirk on several projects that unite asecpts of design and documentary, including the the EPSRC-funded Design Your Own Future: Suporting Networked Design Expertise' project and the AHRC 'Gateway to Impact' project, Out of Bounds Digital - see

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