Motion Capture

From 2006-2012, as part of my former role as senior research technician at Culture Lab, I specialised in using motion capture systems such as Vicon to capture movement. During this time, I worked on a number of high-profile research projects, encompassing aspects of biomechanics, engineering research and the psychology of movement.

In liaison with Newcastle University Business Development Directorate and colleagues at Culture Lab, I also established motioncapture, a commercial arm of the motion capture facility and became its director and chief technical operator.

Over 6 years, the business grew year-on-year and provided an opportunity to develop fascinating 'alternative' mocap projects. Through this, I was able to work with a wide range of subjects including dancers, musicians, pensioners, artists, gamers, instructors, circus performers, conductors and even a kobudo swordswoman!

Through this work, I presented at several conferences, seminars and festivals and provided work experience opportunities for postgraduate students.

Since beginning my PhD in 2012, I no longer focus on motion capture research, but in this section, I detail some of the projects I was involved in during this time.