invisible 1The Invisible Wireloop is an interactive motion-tracked game where each user has to negotiate an invisible version of the fairground wireloop game using a 'magical' tracking wand. The genre of the game has been loosely designed around a 'steampunk' aesthetic, as the combination of futuristic tracking technology and the old-fashioned fairground game format seemed to lend the game some characteristics of this genre.

Rather than tracing a visible wire, as in the traditional version of the game, the player uses a wand (with a motion-capture marker attached) to trace a three-dimensional path based on a map and various audio/visual clues and warnings.

This interactive game was first demoed at Bestival 2011 and will return for the 2012 festival.

Steampunk background by the wonderfully talented ValerianaSTOCK at DeviantArt


invisible 3

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