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digital public space:

an  interactive  documentary

"What is the digital public space?"

We asked 16 researchers to respond to this question.

Rather than asking the same question each time, we showed each participant the response from the previous participant and asked them to respond to that - a bit like a chinese whisper!

Next, we built an app with links to each of the 16 videos, which we took to the streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. We 'bleeped' the term 'digital public space' and asked the members of the public to guess what they were talking about...

Here, we present the reponses and ask you to tell us, 'what is the digital public space'?

Click on a face to start, watch the videos and trace the channels of responses in the panels on the left (came before) and right (came after)...

What is the digital public space?

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